Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homemaker in training

I find it much more time-efficient for me to snap pictures with my Blackberry, and blog with those. Our SLR is just fabulous, but a bit bulky, and just a magnet for tiny hands when it's out. So for now, I will enjoy the benefits of our Blackberry, and being able to email the photos to myself to post.

So today I figured it was high time for me to pull out my apron again. I have much to do today (of course, blogging is NOT one of the priorities!), so it has come in useful already. I have managed to prevent peed on and spitted-up on clothing so far, therefore proving its worth to me already.

Charity, seeing my apron, declared that she was in need of one as well. And (thanks to Aunt Heather and her AWESOME gift ideas!), I produced from our dishcloth drawer her new favorite item. I don't know if she is so delighted over hers because of my apparent joy in mine, but that is irrelevant. This chick has her head square on her shoulders!

"So," you may think, "will she ACTUALLY make this child WORK?" Well.... YES! But thanks be to God, I have the sweetest, funnest, and most interesting (and IMPORTANT!) job. I have the awesome privilege of teaching her how to care for a family! And her sweet heart and gentle nature is teaching me how to do my job better and love it even more. And people, that's only one aspect of everything I get to do as a wife/mom/homemaker.

So in the spirit of teaching my sweet children, I will be utilizing Charity's help in sorting laundry (she rocks the laundry!), and if they will suppress their fear of the basement, I'll get them to help me load the dryer with wet clothes, throw more laundry into the wash, and fold burp cloths. And maybe wipe of the table and use their little hand brooms to sweep up the kitchen and dining room floors. We have so much fun doing these things together (it IS possible!!), and they learn so much in the process.

Okay I really have to get back to work now! Praise the Lord for little souls to train for Him!

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