Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration 2009

This is such an exciting day for our country. Not because I'm one of the those "Yes, we can!"ers, or an Obamanite. It's because our experiment of a country is working yet again. The people have spoken! This is who America has chosen to be their next President.

I most assuredly don't agree with most of his policies. However, as a follower of Christ, I will joyfully respect his position as President. It saddens me to see the masses of Christians who take their Constitutional rights more seriously and "religiously" than they do their Christian responsibilities. Example being the freedom of speech, and the ability to dissent against government - e.g. the Nobama slogan that has been going around. Instead of reviling against our God-given and constituent-chosen authority, shouldn't we be praying for him and hoping for him to succeed in office? As opposed to the inevitable "I told you so!" attitude, just waiting for his first slip-up. And on an additional note, how does this influence non-believers towards salvation? Seeing the bitter, sore-loser attitude of the current Evangelicals will just further push their hardened hearts away from the Gospel. Not good.

So if I did not have three children climbing all over me, I am sure I would be spouting off a plethora of Scripture verses proving my point more. However, I am only half here right now, and will bounce this discussion right over to Girltalk, where there is an excellent post on praying for our new President. May God bless him, and of course, America as well.

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