Monday, January 19, 2009

Surprise date!

While I absolutely love my job, I completely get burnt out sometimes. I know I'm at that point, or close to it, when everything makes me cry. I mean everything. I suppose I am just emotional like that.

Shawn seems to handle it well. It seems to not phase him much. He's good to let me cry on his shoulder, or say some cheesy thing to get me laughing. Or give me this dopey face he learned at his work. I'll have to post a pic of it sometime.

But on Saturday, he planned for a date night for us. You see, surprises are not common with Shawn - that's okay, because with four little ones, I'm not too fond of them either right now. But I NEEDED this! He secured babysitting (via his parents), and we ran two quick errands and ended up at the Good Cherry - a new coffee spot. The atmosphere was fabulous, and their espresso cups were so cute, I almost bought some (except that we don't have an espresso machine). For a Saturday, there was hardly anyone there. So we goofed off and hand a great time! I also was able to roll yarn. (I really don't go anywhere without it.)

I love him :)


Aimee Mayer said...

Mmm! I guess I need to try that! :) My mom said it was good, too!

Meg said...

It's got a good feel. I think we'll be back at some point :)