Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For my female friends...

I am fairly confident that the only people who check my blog are womenfolk. So let me recommend this and this for your consideration (two of my favorites, although the names do make me chuckle!). Trust me on this, it is worth the research and thought.

But then again, I love cloth diapers, and am very interested in all things that produce less waste and more money.

(Any additional green ideas? I'd love to hear them. Currently I am contemplating how to effectively grow an organic vegetable crop this year, getting rid of my harsh cleaners (except for bleach), returning (once again) to cloth diapers, and composting. Seriously, the amount of trash we put out on a weekly basis is just disgusting.)

So the disclaimer is this. If you do research it, as with anything, there are a lot of strong opinions on both sides. You know, those ones that will say it's detrimental to your health to do otherwise, or you are not clean if you go the other way. My opinion is this: as with everything, do your own research, act deliberately, and don't just "do" because something is conventional, or unconventional at that.

So at the risk of weirding everyone out, I will now rest my case :)


Aimee Mayer said...

I don't remember the formulas, but there is one with vinegar, lemon juice, and water to make windex/general cleaner replacements. I think the lemon variation is for windex, and without is general cleaning. I don't remember what they are exactly, but they're supposed to be better than the chemicals.

And I giggled at the links you had... I tried a variation of the moon cup, called instead, but it didn't work. Maybe after I have a child it'll be better, but right now I"m just sticking with the usual. :)

Also, if you keep your veggie peels for your compost pile, and the can juices in a big container for soup stock. :)

curlyheadedtuba said...

My mother just bought Samuel a dozen of the "one size" Fuzzi Bunz, and is going to bring them down when she comes for his 100 days (a kinda big deal in Korean tradition). I'm so excited to get them and try them out!!

Meg said...

Thanks, Aimee! Yeah, that whole moon cup thing freaks me out LOL!!! And good thinking on the soup stock and veggie peels!

As for Fuzzy Bunz - I have heard GREAT things about those! I have not tried them, but they seem pretty popular. I use a lot of bumGenius one size, a lot of fitteds (I make wool covers to go over them!), prefolds, and my new favorite - berry plush!! They are sooo soft!

Let me know how it goes! And if I can help in ANY way!