Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yeeeeah, remember that routine?

Emmie's look captures it! As of lately, it's been like, "What routine?" However, that routine was, IS, a fabulous guide for us! I love it. I do. But then we got sick last week with a tummy bug. Oddly enough, the day Shawn got the news about the layoff was the day it really hit. So needless to say, we have not followed it since! BUT, I am thrilled to get back to the fun on Tuesday (Mom takes the older 3 on Mondays and Fridays until lunchtime!). Yay for order and less chaos! I'm telling you, I was a new woman once this house had been sanitized and cleaned. So we'll see how it goes this week!

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curlyheadedtuba said...

I know what you mean about the illness throwing things off. We were doing pretty well until Samuel came down with his first cold last Sunday-- then I was taking care of two babies, Samuel with his cold and Jeremy with bronchitis! Samuel's mostly better now, so we're back to it :) Good luck!