Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter (Yeah, I know it's late.....)

Easter was such a blessing this year! I had prayed that the Lord would give us this Sunday with everyone healthy and well, so we could worship together. And he did!!

Church was awesome (I mean, I am not surprised there!), and afterward my family and Shawn's parents joined us for an Easter egg hunt, cookout, and fabulous game of kickball (which really was hysterical!).

Here are some pics from that special day!

It really was a great day. This year we made so much more of a direct effort to teach our little ones about Easter. I pray it made its way into their minds, and one day - their hearts. Never have I felt more inadequate to teach my children than when it's about the Lord! After seeing my own meager and weak efforts at this, I am even more grounded in this - salvation is of the Lord!!! Since he is the changer of hearts, I know he is able to use my flawed and clumsy words and actions for his glory and the betterment of my wee ones' souls. So thankful that HE is the one who saves!! Amen!


Julie said...

Great thoughts and beautiful pictures, Meghan!

Kristi said...

great pictures! love the last one and for some reason the one of the blue egg on the cinderblock!
Raising children is truly so humbling, isn't it? I'm sure you are doing a great job. :)