Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Running a household with Celiac

Yeah, yeah... I know I was going to start this HUGE endeavor to find out all of the details on disposable diapers... As usual, I bit off way more than I can chew (surprised?). After a summer of sickness, serious re-prioritizing needed to be done. A serious lesson in keeping "first things first".

So how do you run a household when illness seems to be lurking around every corner? For me, my illness comes in three forms: a reaction from ingesting gluten, migraines, and sinus infections. Sprinkle in a little chronic fatigue, and it's enough to throw the most organized momma for a loop! So what's a girl to do?! Here's my tried and (mostly) proven method:

1. Pray for grace! Know that the Lord will give it at JUST the right time - and it may not be in the form of a clean home. Perhaps your grace for the day is just teaching and loving the little souls in the house.

2. Don't push past your body's limits. When it says slow down, listen. If you don't, you aren't only exhausting yourself, but you'll find yourself letting discipline slip and getting irritable with the children. Take it easy! And pray for grace to do so.

3. Lose the "why me?" attitude. Be thankful for what God has placed in your lap that day, and treat every little annoyance and irritation as a messenger straight from Him, to help you in the school of Faith, Hope, and/or Love.

4. Ask for help. Talk about a blow to your pride! I cringe every time that I have to do so. But when I'm ill, I need it. In our home, with Shawn working two jobs, it's not feasible to ask him for help - he's exhausted trying to provide for us. So I look to my mom, or sister, or mother-in-law for it. I also have a sweet mother's helper that comes when needed.

5. Keep the meals simple. Yes, children can survive off of the occasional can of beans. So keep your pantry stocked with easy meals to save time in the kitchen if you're feeling especially ill. There have been many days where I am too ill to do more than that. Keep it simple and nutritious. Also, paper plates, cups, and plastic ware are good to have on hand for those times as well.

6. Sleep as much as possible. Utilize nap times and bedtime to your advantage. It will help tremendously, believe me.

7. Keep Scripture in front of you at all times!!! Perhaps writing verses on spiral bound index cards, listening to sermons, keeping a Bible in every room - whatever you must do, keep your mind on the Lord and not on yourself. Yes, this is the last point, but most certainly not in importance!

I hope this is an encouragement to someone, but also a peek into our life when I'm down for the count. In my next post, I hope to go over some ways to prepare for times of being ill - things I have learned the hard way and by suggestion from my family. Be blessed!

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