Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Buddy Turned 4!!!

Calvin's birthday party was a blast!  My aunt and grandfather travelled down from West Virginia just to be here for this special day.  It was a blessing, for sure!

I don't have too many pics from the party (a lot of him and the other little ones before it started), but thankfully my awesome sister took a good bit herself.  Between the two of us, I think we have the whole thing covered!

Calvin is such a tenderhearted guy.  He loves to play with his littlest sister!  They chase each other and play peek-a-boo constantly.  He takes the trash out for me, and is my go-to man for heavy lifting (you wouldn't believe his strength) and errands to the basement (when Daddy's not here).  He is also Daddy's helper.  This kid is amazing.  He knows how to take off doorknobs with a screwdriver and can identify most every tool in our tool magazines.  He loves engines, especially tractor engines.  He is obsessed with all things John Deere and Troy-Built.  He LOVES construction, the Newsboys, DCI; he tolerates sports.  He dabbles in reading, but is more interested in disassembling whatever he gets his hands on.  His favorite thing to do in the world is mow the grass with Dad.  He loves to talk about the Apostle Paul, especially when he was stranded on the island of Malta for the winter.  He reminds me constantly of the Gospel, and how God IS the Gospel.  I love that kid.

Sometimes I feel bad for him, that he's the only guy all day long with all these girls!  But then I remind myself that God's orchestration of our family is what's best - for Calvin and for us.  When the drama gets too much for him, he hangs out on his bed "mowing" his pillow with his die-cast John Deere tractor.  He's a quiet kid.  But ALWAYS lavishes affection on me!

I am so very thankful to God for my big guy.  He's just like his daddy in every way - and oh how I love them both!!!!  Shawn prays every night with Calvin, asking that God will give him a heart like David's - brave and courageous, yet full of love and devotion to Him.  Oh, that the Lord will hold Calvin's heart to His and make him in to a man that will honor Christ all his days!!!  Amen!

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