Thursday, March 29, 2012

15 Weeks

Gestational age: 15 weeks, 1 day

Baby's current size: 4 inches, CRL

Similar in size to: An apple :)

Weight gain:  When I checked on Tuesday morning, I was 1lb over my starting weight.

Looking forward to: Finding out boy or girl!  5 more weeks and I can't wait!!!

Not looking forward to:  Nothing I'm fearful of.  So thankful that, so far, this pregnancy has been  MUCH easier than the last! 

Biggest food craving: Still fruit, and this week I've craved burgers (not given in though).  I really could stand for another Cookout burger!!

Biggest food aversion:  Still eggs.  I went to Food Lion this morning since Shawn was fixing them... I couldn't even be in the house.  That, and we needed dishwasher detergent, coffee creamer, oxi clean, and milk (which I forgot).

How this pregnancy compares to the others:  Still excellent.  My skin is starting to get really oily, which was the case when I've carried girls.  But, the belly is pretty round, so we'll see!

Nervous about:  A little concerned about finding a vehicle.  Still looking for the right one, and praying we don't have to travel to get it.  Trusting God to provide this need, and the need of Shawn getting a new car before his bites the dust. 

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