Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 4 - Food control part 2

Ugh. I did it AGAIN. I left Shawn and I's salvageable dinner out all night. And I am kicking myself.

So on that note - one of today's goal is to salvage every bit of food and formula that is economically useful. And clean out the fridge, if I get to it (but I never seem to). Yesterday seemed to be unseasonably productive for me. By the Lord's grace, I had the strength to wash 4 loads (yay!), fix a decent dinner, clean out the bottle cabinet, get the rest of the Sam's items put away, pack up some outgrown kids' clothing, etc.

In order to avoid over-doing it today, I'm going to just try to accomplish three things:
1. Be USEFUL and not WASTEFUL with our God-given provision
2. Clean out the fridge
3. Divide the 6 lbs. of hamburger meat in the fridge into 1 lb. sections, freeze individually

And once again, I am constrained to rely on the Lord's grace to accomplish even these small things. Only He can help me change these bad habits towards His glory.

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