Saturday, February 21, 2009

Caterpillar Bedding

I found this awesome bedding set at a fabulous website, so I picked two up right away. Fortunately, I had a little stash saved up to buffer the cost. Either way, $40 is not bad for a bedding set. Normally, I dislike character ANYTHING. It's cheap, bad quality, breaks easily, etc. Plus I just don't like primary colors. But compromise here - I LOVE the Hungry Caterpillar, and so do the children. I will be glad to not have a bunch of random blankets on the beds and a sheet dilemma every time someone wets the bed!!

But let me just make a confession on this. I have been putting off buying bedding for the children for forever. Why? I am really bad at decorating. I love a tastefully decorated room! But I am really poor at it. But, I am determined to learn. One room at a time!

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curlyheadedtuba said...

Yay! That's soooooo awesome! I remember loving Eric Carle as a child :) And I'm glad you're getting into the decorating thing-- I love it! HGTV and I are bffs.