Thursday, February 26, 2009

Military update

Funny thing is, shortly after I posted the last blog, the National Guard/Army opportunity totally fell through. Well, it didn't fall through per say, there is just no way it could possibly work for us. We took that as the Lord's direction, and shortly after that, we found out that the Navy is really panning out.

Shawn will be going to Richmond on Wednesday to take a test for the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BDCP). If he passes, then his test and paperwork go before a panel to determine if he is indeed accepted into this program. We could know something as soon as mid-March!

If he is accepted, then he is able to SKIP basic and begin getting a paycheck from the Navy while he finishes school. When he finishes school, he heads to OCS (Officer Candidacy School) for 3 months. We would be stationed after that. Talk about awesome.

The other thing we learned today is that his time at home will equal his time deployed. So, if he is deployed for 6 months, when he gets back he will be on base for 6 months.

So, a lot of good news today! We are still praying for the Lord's will, whatever that may be. But we sure do want that test to go well!


Mrs. Potts said...

Glad to hear everything is coming together! We've been praying!!! :o)

Miles Makes 3! said...

Awesome Meghan! I'm very happy for you guys!