Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby legs... and their alternative

Baby legs have been big in the cloth diapering world for several years now. Besides being ADORABLE, they are good for diaper changes as well as being warm and totally fashionable. There is a decent sale going on at the Ultimate Baby Boutique - free shipping as well as clearance prices. If you want the look and still find them a bit pricey, try buying a pair of long women's socks at Target or Walmart and snipping the foot part off of them. Depending on the fabric, you may not even need to hem the cuff.

And don't worry, they look super cute on baby boys too! In fact, Calvin had a pair that said "Rock 'n Roll" or "Punk Rock" or something - they were black and totally awesome, I think they even had a skull on them. And I made them from snipped-off female socks found at Target!

I love it - sweet fashion in a frugal way.


curlyheadedtuba said...

Hahaha... when I read the title, I was thinking about actual legs. All I could think was "What in the world could be an alternative for a baby's legs?!?!"

Kristi said...

Love me some baby legs!! I think they have cheaper versions on Etsy - not sure what they're called. Sometimes ebay will do "pick 10 for $60" whcih is great if you can find someone to go in with.

Meg said...

I'll check out Etsy - I love shopping there! Thanks for the tip.

Sheila, you make me smile :)