Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stroller shopping

I have a double jogger for sale. You see, I need a tandem. Our double jogger is just too wide to take anywhere, and clumsy at that. And, well, I won't be jogging any time soon with four little ones in tow.

The jogger I am selling looks like this, except it's a double:
Anyway, I have found some cute tandem ones. I am totally in the market for something unique and different, but whoa are they pricey! Here are some of the more interesting ones, my favorite though is the first one! It's a Joovy Big Caboose Stand-on Triple:
This one is also a Joovy, pretty cute as well:
Of course, we could just get one of these:

Ha! What a sight we'd be! Ah well, no solutions tonight. Maybe I'll find a good deal soon on a cute double.

1 comment:

AM said...

we have that orange joovy you put up. we would give it 4 stars our of 5. i would love for it to have just a wee bit bigger tires to navigate our old old streets.