Thursday, March 19, 2009

On our way to GFCF

We've been working on altering our foods this week, and I have seen a HUGE improvement thus far! Not only in my own health, but in the health of Calvin and Lottie specifically. Here are some changes we've made to our diet:
- The entire family is on almond milk this week. This will help us detect a milk sensitivity.
- Cheese intake has been limited to the older two, but only in small amounts.
- Lottie and I have been specifically on a gluten and casein free diet (I was curious as to my own potential sensitivity to dairy, and her potential sensitivity to gluten)

And here are the results so far:
- Lottie is sensitive to products that contain even small amounts of milk in their ingredients. For example, we snacked on popcorn the other day, which contained milk (I totally overlooked that one!). With a few minutes and a few of her handfuls of popcorn, she began this 30 minute tantrum that was just horrible. She continued like that the rest of the night. She also began sporting that rash again. Coincidence? I think not.
- I have a sensitivity to dairy, although it's not as bad as Lottie's. Tummy aches, digestive issues, and lethargy are what I get (very similar to what happens when I eat gluten!).
- A few days on a strict diet, and returning to either of these totally wreaks havoc on my system! Sheeeesh. I did cave for some cheese sticks tonight (gluten AND dairy!), and I just know I am going to be up sick tonight! But, it was worth it (I say that now..).
- Calvin is also sensitive to dairy, which really is no surprise since he could only tolerate soy formula as a baby. Within a half hour of eating mac 'n cheese (after a few days of non-dairy), I knew it for sure. At least we know why he has persistent diarrhea now. He also gets very whiny and "my tummy hurts"ish. Poor kid.
- Charity is questionable. She told me two days ago that regular milk hurts her tummy and the almond milk doesn't. I'll need to watch her more carefully.
- Lottie's irritability and mood changes have drastically improved on this new regimen. She's not violent, although still cries a lot (heck, she has 3 teeth partially through her gums right now), but now she only cries when she's in pain. Not all the time. Oh, and she's stopped beating her siblings. And she is very receptive to discipline and is obeying beautifully. This is a marked change in her. I always knew that food issues can cause mood changes, and now I've seen first hand what they can really do.

I am so thankful that headway has been made! Here's to another great day tomorrow, and (hopefully) a night in bed and NOT in the bathroom!


Aimee Mayer said...

My boss's son was like that, as well. He was 2 and a half and having speech and behavioral problems, which cleared up on going gluten free, though my boss eventually went to the Maker's Diet, and since, he's drastically improved. I'm hoping my kids don't have all our problems, because then I think I'd need a nutritionist to help me out. I don't feel as bad living off of just rice, peas, and corn by myself for a week, with little else, but I don't feel comfortable doing that to a child.

Kim Yeatts said...

Can you explain a little more about how you figured out you and your kids had this food allergy? I have a friend whose son has struggled with stomach problems and behavioral problems as well, and wonder if it can all be "fixed" by changing his diet. Can you email me?