Sunday, March 15, 2009

Read This!

Shawn bought this book for me for my birthday in November, and it has been just fabulous. I am not a religious Factor fan, but I respect him, and believe his perspective on some things are quite on target. This book is a breath of fresh air in this consumerist society, and was a healthy reminder to live real, strong, committed, and within our means! I am finishing it up tonight, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversation-like tone in which it was written. How nice it was to take a soak in the tub and just read while Shawn finished classwork! I do believe it will become a new luxury for me. Any suggestions for some good reads next? My theological plate is full right now, and I would love a few good titles to peruse over for my leisurely reading. And I plan to make full use of my library card (although the selection here is truly sad - at least I can attempt!)! If you're interested in Bold Fresh, check out O'Reilly's website . Well, off to catch up on some dishes and laundry, to prepare for tomorrow. I'll be updating the blog on our mission to get Lottie and myself healthy again during the week! Adios!


curlyheadedtuba said...

If you're interested in humor, I think that an open-minded person could always enjoy a little Stephen Colbert. I found "I Am America, and So Can You!" to be pretty hilarious, especially if you are willing to laugh at yourself :)

I'm pretty conservative, and had to appreciate Colbert's stereotyping skills!

Meg said...

Ahh, I am always interested in another perspective! Thanks for the suggestion! BTW, I loved your little Samwise's outdoor pics :)