Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing: King George IV

Can't believe that today makes one month since we got our sweet pups.  It's been a fun four weeks so far, and everyone seems to be adjusting so well to G, and likewise with G towards the children.  He's such a good dog!

It simply amazes me that an animal can mean so much.  My health has taken a step backwards recently, and he has been so good for that.  A dog so loyal and even-tempered - he has been such a good dose of lightheartedness in this home.  Very therapeutic for the depression that has constantly been my foe, and a most excellent companion.

We have been told over and over that a puppy is like a newborn - or worse.  Thankfully, that's not been the case with G.  When we purchased him, he was 5 months old and crate trained - so perhaps that has made all the difference in the world.  However, he's not mischevious, isn't a destroyer, and hasn't even tried to counter surf yet.  And talk about a couch potato!

G is an English Mastiff - a massive breed in a class of it's own (so to speak).  English Mastiffs are characterized by their dignity, calmness, devotion, companionship, and protection.  Chances are, this will be the only breed we will ever own.  Not because we are breed snobs - but because we are smitten by him, and how he exemplifies the finest qualities of this breed.

Mastiffs are not for everyone, but if you are considering a dog, you may want to look into this breed.  We are hooked!

(Click here for a short, very educational video on the breed and its history!  Fascinating!)

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