Friday, July 9, 2010

Picture Update

Easter 2010

Shawn's Graduation!  (He carried Em across the stage with him)

Our sweet Charity turned 5 in May!  She is a constant blessing to us!

Lots of summer fun!

...and summer sweetness!

Lavender in bloom

Sweet, sweet Lottie!

Father's Day 2010


Julie said...

Precious, precious, precious!!!! Love the pictures. I can't believe that Charity is 5! Your kids are all just too cute, and I am excited to see what #5 will look like! What if he/she had like jet black hair? :) Ha! Your family is just precious, Meghan!

Meg said...

Thanks, Julie! I can't believe we ended up with a non-redhead! :)

And you're not kidding about Charity turning 5 - that all happened so quick... and from what I hear, it won't slow down from here. Kinda sad, but glad for the relief that comes with them getting older. She truly is a huge help and blessing to me.