Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gentleness of Voice

Please take moment to read this humble poem on tone of voice.  It truly is my heart's desire to be loving in every way, my tone included.  Good words are not enough.  In order to convey one's words clearly and effectively, one's tone must be gentle and full of love.  What a neglected concept this is!  But what a necessary virtue, which so honors the Lord and clothes His children with beauty.  What a noble thing it is to be self-controlled and gentle, loving in all ways.  Lord, change my heart to be more like You!!!!  Work in me this gentleness and joy, that You may be glorified in this home and that the children will see You in me!  

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Amanda K. said...

It always amazes me how striving for the "rule" ( in this case a quiet and gentle spirit )does not make the change occur. Still learning.... and when I remember right perspective it's obvious that our Lord changes the heart which, in turn, changes the action. Sheesh, not to mention it's exhausting trying to do things in my own strength. I am so glad He will work this out in me and for His patience and love during this process.