Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh the Fluff!

Today I ordered four new diaper covers.  Typically, I use prefolds or fitteds with a cover for Em.  I have a few Thirsties covers that are a bit large for her (in gender neutral colors).  I also have two Bummis covers (also gender neutral), and my wool.  The wool covers are great, but real care-intensive.  They have been my favorite so far.

Flash back to last summer.  I let my sister-in-law borrow all of my girly cloth diaper supplies - covers, fitteds, all-in-ones, and pockets.  I saw no time in the next few years that I would be using them again!  It appears that B has gotten a good bit of use from them, which thrills my heart!  My heart is missing the girly fluff though :)

So this morning I went to the Swaddlebees website (one of my personal favorites!).  Swaddlebees has an AWESOME clearance/seconds page, and I have gotten some great deals over the years.  Today was no different.  I bought four diaper covers for $5 ea.  All told, I spent $25 (including shipping) on products that normally retail for $86 (including shipping).  Now THAT is wonderful!!!  I could not make my own for that price!

Three of the covers are minky (which is SO SOFT!!!), and one is a standard fleece cover.  The picture above is similar to one that I purchased :D

So if your'e wanting to add to your stash or take the plunge and get started with cloth diapering, they are a great place to start!

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