Sunday, September 19, 2010

17 Weeks

Gestational age:  17 weeks!!

Baby's current size:  Approximately 5 in.

Similar in size to:   An onion (except all the onions we get are never that big!)

Weight gain:  Not sure.  I don't own a scale, and don't plan on it, but my clothes are still fitting the same as before - except with a bigger belly :)

Looking forward to:  Finding out the sex of the baby!!  So eager to know if the baby is a boy or a girl (I'm secretly rooting for another girl!)

Not looking forward to:  Still frettin' about that GD test.  Needlessly.

Biggest food craving:  Grape juice and Cranberry Limeades from Sonic.  That's about it.

Biggest food aversion:  Eggs and corn tortillas.  Even worse, eggs on a corn tortilla.  

How this pregnancy compares to the others:  Definite back pain now, but still worlds better than the others.  Still the best pregnancy to date!

Nervous about:  Gaining tons of weight like I always do.  Definitely keeping a tight reign on the munching this time around!

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Kim - Her Abba's Joy! said...

Girl, you're a blast! Praying blessings on you, the family and the new little one in 2011! Keep those little ones close and love them well. It's gone all too soon. Keep Justin in prayer. He really needs to come back to the Lord and get his life together. As for me, I just colored all the gray out of my hair again! LOL! Kids will do that to you. Just wait! Hugs!