Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Luv Blog Party!

I love blog parties.  I love fall.  The two make me a very happy woman, as well as having the insatiable desire to make mulled cider, a big pot of chili, don my favorite sweater, etc.

Speaking of favorites, here's all I need for a perfect fall!
The Blue Ridge Parkway, in all of its autumnal glory

Our favorite apple orchard, and their Apple Butter Festival

Coffee (but when is it ever out of season?)

Anything sweaterish

Hosting and enjoying Thanksgiving with our dear family

Marching band competitions!

These things don't even scratch the surface!  Around here, summer is definitely not busy - it's fall that's the busiest.  And oh, how I love it!  For more Fall Luv, check out The Patriotic Peacock - and get in on the fun :)

1 comment:

Paula Kathlyn said...

Oh my goodness.. . I am totally going to miss the blue ridge parkway this year :( Enjoy it for me!!! Thanks for joining the partayyyy! ;)