Saturday, March 24, 2012

14 Weeks!

Gestational age:  14 weeks, 3 days

Baby's current size: 3.4 inches, CRL

Similar in size to:  A lemon

Weight gain:  2-3 lbs - not where I want right now, but it'll do

Looking forward to:  Finding out what our baby is!  And, getting into a normal walking routine.

Not looking forward to:  The weight gain!  I sitll had 15 lbs to lose when we found out that we were expecting, so I'm being very diligent about what I gain this time.  Well, except for the Cookout I had last night ;) 

Biggest food craving:  Yogurt and certain types of fruit

Biggest food aversion:  Eggs, eggs, eggs!  Every single pregnancy. 

How this pregnancy compares to the others:  It's been great!  My back is doing GREAT, and I'm trying to keep moving.  The morning sickness has been so much better than the last 5 pregnancies.  I feel wonderful!

Nervous about:  Nothing at this point, just enjoying all of the baby anticipation.  I don't deserve another little blessing at all!! 

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