Thursday, April 2, 2009

Swelling and hives and gluten, OH MY!

This was me, yesterday morning, before I called the doc.

The hives aren't totally visible, but you can definitely see the ogre-like swelling on my face. Amazing, huh?! I was so itchy and just... yucky feeling, so I called to get an appointment with the doc.

Well, the swelling and the hives didn't seem to concern her as much as the gluten issue. Benedryl was taking care of the hives and swelling, and it was slowly going down. I had ended up with some GI issues that afternoon, and then I knew I had eat some gluten. Somewhere, somehow, that stuff had gotten into my body.

The only thing I could think that it could have been, is perhaps cross-contamination of the spoons when we ate at my in-laws house on Monday night. They did an excellent job preparing a (mostly) gluten-free meal for me and Lottie. Still, that is the only time I've even been in close proximity to gluten in over a week, and it's been several weeks since I've eaten it.

Today, I'm still a little puffy. Didn't need any Benedryl, but I'm very fatigued, and bordering on migraine. Those symptoms are a dead giveaway. I don't feel quite right, albeit better than yesterday by leaps and bounds!

So she ordered three tests to be run, Vit. D malabsorption (although, the more I hear myself say that, the more wrong it sounds... but I KNOW it was Vit. D something or other), a check for anemia, and SED rate (non-specific, but will indicate a problem if there is one - does celiac count?). I'm not sure if she is checking for further problems, or building to an actual Celiac diagnosis. Either way, she referred to me as having Celiac Disease, and that's what she's assuming me to have - she talked confidently, with no doubts. She was familiar with the symptoms, spotted it right away, and took all of my research (as far as the elimination diet was concerned) into consideration. I like her.

So, waiting to find out on two of the tests today, and the other next week. But being called a Celiac by a doc matters a lot to me. Now I can gain even more knowledge on the subject, and become better equipped to handle it. I refuse to think of myself as deprived. Look at the whole world of cooking that is open to me - and I will be learning as much as I can!

And that was yesterday!

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Aimee Mayer said...

*cheers* Congrats!! Sorry it was such an unhealthy day though. They still won't consider me anywhere near Celiac, but at least acknowledging gluten sensitivity would be nice, and that I've felt much better since going GF. My heart still hasn't calmed down much since my last gluten challenge, but it's never hurt, just bounced around a bit.

My naan was a fail again, but it still tastes good, even if it doesn't pita-pocket itself, still good with sandwiches. And everyone likes it, because they're not expecting it to taste like typical bread. Once I try it with fresh ingredients (not old yogurt and 2 yr old yeast) and perfect it, I'll pass it on so you can even have sandwiches still. :)