Friday, May 1, 2009

What are disposable diapers made of? (Part 1)

Good question, I'd say! After googling this several times in the past, I am no closer to the answers than I was before. After reading this (yet again), I am still alarmed by that fact. What we do know is this: most disposable diapers contain chlorine (which produces dioxin), and a few other nasty things that I can't remember. So I am doing some research. First, I will be emailing one diaper company per week (I would call, but emails are MUCH easier to document for a blog!!!), and asking for full disclosure of the ingredients their diapers contain. Then, provided I get that far, will research the ingredients and report the safety of these ingredients. I will only be focusing on the Big 3 - Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs

I would love some input on this. Do you have any specific questions on disposable diapers? Any thing YOU would ask the manufacturers?

Here's hoping for answers - and good ones at that!


The Glitter Butterfly said...

Hey!.. I have been dealing with the same issues, and wondering if it has anyhtign to do with Imogen's bottom getting read so easy, so I switched..... I started using the new all natural huggies, only cause Walmart dropped the prices on them, and I have $3.00 off coupons. When they run out I am going to order mine from Frontier Natural food Coop.

The Glitter Butterfly said...

Also I forgot to ask you... Have you been in Earth Munchies on Waterlike road? Everythign in there is gluten free...