Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pampers DryMax and Cloth Diapering

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very... um... "invested" person.  I'm either totally, 100%, wholeheartedly into something, or the opposite is true.  I am finicky about everything.  I hate this about myself.  

I say this because I want you to know this is not a post about how everyone should cloth diaper.  I used to feel that way.  Then the weight of the task of cloth diapering several children at once, along with underlying health problems, fell on me.  I could handle it for a few days, then I was back to sposies, trying desperately to catch up on everything else.  It was a bad cycle to be in, but I had to come to the decision that, while cloth diapering is ideal, I had to do what was best for my family (and my workload!).  When I felt up to it, I'd go back at it.  But every time it became a burden instead of a help, it went out the door.  

Things are different now; I am healthy.  I'm not suffering from chronic fatigue or depression, nor does my back give me problems.  I don't have severe joint pain, nor constant migraines.  My laundry has been manageable for quite a long time, and I can definitely add in an extra load every few days.  I love this.  All of this!!!!

But, as C.J. Mahaney says, let's "keep the main thing the main thing."  This whole Pampers Dry Max thing.  Seems as if lots of babies are getting chemical burns and bad rashes from this diaper since Pampers has changed the chemicals in it.  And Pampers is basically saying it's not legit.  Hmm.  It really points out some things that have ALWAYS concerned me about disposables.  Remember, I'm not against them (see above).  But they concern me.  And here's why:

2.  Unnecessary chemical exposure (here, here, and here)
3.  Expensive, even with coupons  (See how my friend saved money with cloth diapers!
5.  Several of my children have been sensitive to different brands of disposable diapers.  That alone is concerning, since nothing touch a baby's bottom should be harsh enough to cause a reaction.  Nothing.  

Anywho.  All that to say, I think we mothers should think twice about what we use on our children.  Again, I'm not anti-disposable, but don't be naive enough to think that Proctor & Gamble (and the other big-name companies making other diapers) actually have your (and my!) baby's best interest in mind.  Just like the carcinogens found baby wash (which, mind you, has not changed!!!), money to them is more important than safety.  Be well informed.  Make good decisions for your family.  Don't let catchy commercials on TV blind you from some legitimate questions that are not addressed by these companies.

And, may I urge you, to consider cloth diapering?  This is not a high horse for me, but a wonderful thing to consider.  Check out all of the benefits, the cute diapers, and how money can be saved.  Here is a cost calculator to play with.  Know that with a little bit of know-how with  a sewing machine or knitting needles (or even a crochet hook), it can become a lot of fun too!


For His Glory said...

I totally agree about doing what's best for your family... that includes spending your time wisely! I hope my blog post didn't make it sound like I think people have to, I just meant that the money spent on paper dipes isn't worth 2-3 loads of laundry a week to me. ;) Of course, I only have 1 in diapers! In my post, I compared it to people who eat out frequently. That's not for us, either, but it works for some families! As long as you are striving to glorify God in all you do, there is no wrong answer :)

Meg said...

My thoughts exactly!!! And in NO way did I take your post to mean that we must CD :D It wasn't a thought it my mind!!! Seriously. I have been reading so much about the Dry Max lately, and it has been upsetting me.

Plus I'm extra excited about getting back into it!!! :D